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What Happens when Painting House in High Humidity or Not Prepping? Causes of Cracking Paint in Carlsbad, CA

When you go and look at the paint on the walls of your home whether inside or outside they can start to crack. The paint on the walls should be able to withstand everyday wear and tear. There of course can be areas that are damaged, or chipped but they should not be cracking and flaking away from the wall. When this is starting to happen there is actually a problem with the paint or the process that was done. The paint should go on and should last without this happening. If you see that it is happening you should know what happened and what you can do to keep it from happening again. Jeff the Painter outlines some of the causes of cracking paint on your walls.

Expired Paint Can Crack

When you are trying to use paint on your walls some people choose to hold on to paint that was used in the house at some point. The paint is something that you might keep in the house or the garage and use it after it has sat. The problem is that the paint has sat for too long and it can be too old to work. The old paint can start to dry out before it has even gotten on the wall and that can cause it to crack and flake off when it has dried. You want to make sure that you use paint that is fresh and good quality when you have your home painted or even touched up.

Lack of Paint Preparation

The top and most common reason that a wall has started to chip when the paint is put on is from the wall not being prepared. The paint should be applied to a wall or surface that has been prepared and also cleaned. When the wall has not been prepared properly it will lead to the paint not being able to dry properly. The wall can have areas that have texture that is not meant to be there that will cause the paint to have air between the wall and the paint. There could be dirt or dust on the wall and when you add paint to it the paint will not dry properly. The dust will create air between the space as well. Then when you leave it the paint will crack and start to come off the wall. You need to be sure that any damage has been repaired and that the walls are not dirty.

How Does Humidity Affect Paint?

Another issue that could occur is that the humidity outdoors or in the house can be too high. This will create moisture that could cause trouble when the paint is being applied and of course when it is trying to dry. It can create pooling in some areas and thin spots in other areas. You want to make sure that you talk to a professional about the best time to paint your house.

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