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Room Color Psychology in Fallbrook, CA; Red, Blue, Green & Other Colors Affecting Personality

Color effects mood. Our environment affects our thinking and behavior. Loud bright colors heighten emotions, while pastels tend to be soothing and calming. Given that the basic colors are red, blue, green and yellow and in combination create all the hues and shades perceived by the human eye. Humans, apes and Old World monkeys are tri-chromatic with color receptors sensitive to green, blue and yellow-red. This allows us to discern some 2.3 million colors with some estimates going over 10 million. It is the rationale for painting a wall from corner to corner to avoid mismatches between old and new color after a repair. Auto body repairs usually entail repainting a side or entire vehicle so there is no glaring observable mismatches present. It is impossible to match paint from batch to batch of even the same color, let alone compensate for exposure and weathering. The human eye is indeed a very color sensitive organ affording us a rich visual experience in comparison to many creatures that can only perceive shades of gray. Jeff the Painter delves into the psychology of colors below.

Obsession with the Color Red

As mentioned; color can be soothing or exciting. Some colors are very subtle in their influence, affecting mood over long exposure periods. Reds are energy and have positive as well as negative emotional influence. It is the color of life, warmth and energy. On the downside it symbolizes aggression, defiance and strain. Red is stop, there is a reason that red is used in traffic signals and stop signs.

Psychological Effect of the Color Yellow

Yellow is similar to red and promotes optimism, extraversion and confidence but can render irrationality, fear, depression, caution and anxiety. It’s use as a cautionary element in yield signs and traffic signals.

Blue Color Psychology

Blue is the color of intelligence and the intellectual. It communicates trust, efficiency, duty and logic. The con; coldness, unfriendliness and aloofness, and is used in the color schemes of many government agency logos and flags.

What Does the Color Green Symbolize?

Green is the color of life, balance, rest, equilibrium and peace. It is the key color in the environmental and conservation movements. But it can project boredom, blandness and stagnation as well.

Purple Personality Meaning

The color of the spiritual, luxury, truth, and awareness is violet or more commonly referred to as “purple.” But it also gives the allusion of decadence, suppression and inferiority. In encourages meditation, is associated with royalty, a Roman tradition and exudes quality. It however can communicate the quality of being cheap and nasty. Bordellos traditionally use reds and purples to emotionally hype their services.

Pink Color Meaning

Pink is considered emasculating, inhibiting, weak and emotionally claustrophobic. But it is tranquil, the color associated with love, femininity and warmth. Being a shade of red it soothes rather than is stimulating.

What Does the Color Orange Mean?

Orange exudes comfort, warmth, security and passion. It is also associated in frivolity, immaturity and frustration. Warm oranges combined with black evoke deprivation, and two much orange leaves the impression of low intellectual value.

Color Grey Meaning

Grey or gray is the color of neutrality, lack of confidence, low energy and depression. Pure gray is the only color that lacks any psychological properties, but it is suppressive.

Is Black the Best Color?

Now for black, the total absorption of light, black is sophistication and glamour and substance except black is also the color of oppression, menace and coldness. Conversely; white is cleanliness, purity, clarity and efficiency, although it can be sterile, cold, unfriendly and a barrier.

Brown Symbolism

Brown is nature, the colors of the earth, reliable and supporting and very serious. Humorless, heavy and unsophisticated, are the downsides of brown. It is nature’s hue, the color of the earth itself and most find it subtle and supportive.

Brights & Neons VS Pastels

As can be seen bright generally excites, while pastels rest and subdue. Consider how color affects mood, emotion and what effect it will have on home and business surroundings. Color affects employee and customer mood. Infants develop by color stimulation, note that bright colors dominate children’s toys. Color affects mood and emotion and stimulates or subdues emotion in social situations, around the home or business.

Paint Color Consultations & More in San Marcos, Vista, Oceanside, Encinitas, Carlsbad & Escondido, California

The reason so many homes are painted in one of the vanilla tones is because of its neutrality. Adding color is a personal choice unique to the building’s owner and inhabitants. Confused? Call Jeff the Painter. Our profession is color and we can consult with you to provide direction in your color quest.

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