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Popular Drywall Textures in Hidden Meadows, CA; Orange Peel, Fan Comb, Knockdown, Slap Brush & Swirl

When you want a change in your home or you are building a home and it comes time to plaster and texture your walls, most people assume that have to get the same orange peel texture. However, there are many types of wall and ceiling textures that can help enhance your home and create a style you will like. Jeff the Painter will share some of the more popular types of wall and ceiling textures to help get you started in your search for the texture you want in your home.

Fan Comb Drywall Texture

Comb is a great style of wall texture that you can use in your home. Comb has many different designs or patterns to choose from. Comb wall texture use a comb that creates a design in the texture. The comb textures are very unique and bring an elegance to the home. Comb wall texturing is a technique that can be done on both walls and ceilings. Not only can you create amazing patterns on the walls, you can also take the time and paint the textures adding multiple colors to create a masterpiece if desired. Comb texture is one of many great wall and ceiling textures.

Popcorn Ceilings

Popcorn ceilings aren’t super desired but are still used today. Popcorn texture is only used on ceilings to help create more depth. Popcorn texture can quickly and cheaply be applied to the ceiling which is why it is still used today. When ceilings just need a protective layer cheaply done, popcorn ceiling texture is still an option.

Orange Peel Texture

One of the most widely used wall and ceiling texture is orange peel. Somewhat resembling the texture of an orange, orange peel texture is applied with a spray gun splattering the texture on the wall very quickly. Orange peel is also used frequently as it provides a slight texture to the wall and is easily cleaned. Orange peel is a major pick today and it never hurts to have this texture on the wall of your home.

Knockdown Drywall Texture

Knockdown texture is more of a technique to create a rustic look inside the home. Knockdown texture looks like a texture that is in between orange peel and stucco. The plaster is applied by hand using a sponge or other material and is then knockdown flat with a knockdown knife. The rough points of the plaster is smoothed down leaving a flattened texture on the wall or ceiling.

Sand Swirl Wall Texture

Sand swirl is a texture that uses a primer that is mixed with sand and is then applied to the wall with a 7 inch wide paint brush. The sanding mix is applied to the walls in a circular motion, creating the sandy swirl textures. Sand swirl texture can help bring some diversity to the home and break out of the common orange peel textures.

Slap Brush Wall & Ceiling

slap brush is when the plaster is randomly slapped on the wall or ceiling, creating a unique texture. Some slap brush textures use a roller for a less random look. Slap brush can help add more texture to a wall. There is also the slap brush knockdown variation that removes the sharper point on the texture, making the wall appear more smooth with the same diverse texture.

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These are some of the more popular textures used for walls and ceilings. For drywall texturing, painting and more, contact Jeff the Painter today.

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