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Painting Interior Doors & Trim Without Brush Marks in Fairbanks Ranch, CA; Quality Paint, Preparation & More

When it comes time to repaint the inside of your home, one aspect of the paint project is repainting all of the doors and trim. Painting doors and trim can be a bit more tricky than most people realize. Many people never properly prep the doors or trim correctly and often there are brush strokes that can ruin the aesthetics of the paint job. When painting the doors and trim there are a number of steps to take to ensure your home looks great. Jeff the Painter will share the proper steps of paint doors and trim.

Tools & Materials Needed to Paint Doors & Trim

When painting the doors and trim, before you get started you will want to have all of the tools and materials you will need. You do not want to be in the middle of painting the doors and not have the right tools. For painting doors and trim, here are the tools and materials you will want to have ready:
• Masking Tape
• Paint – Ultra Trim High Gloss
• Painting Tray and Roller (smooth nap)
• Gap Filler
• Hand Sander (fine grain)
• Putty Knife and Utility Knife
• Good Quality Painting Brush
With all of your tools and materials for the painting project in hand, you are now ready to begin painting the doors and trim.

Preparation for Painting Interior Doors

The first step is to prep the doors. Remove door handles and other locking mechanisms off of the doors. Next, look for any imperfections such as dents or holes in the door. Use the putty knife and gap filler to fill-in the holes. Let the gap filler completely dry before continuing. While you wait for the gap filler to dry you can tale this time to mask off the outside of the door trim along the wall. Tape over the door hinges and use a utility knife to cut along the edge of the hinges so that the only the hinges are covered. Once you finish taping around the trim and the hinges, and the gap filler is dry, now sand down the rough edges of the gap filler. You will want the gap filler to be smooth. However don’t sand into the door as it can ruin certain types of interior doors such as composite textured doors. After sanding down the gap filler, wipe down the door with a very damp cloth to remove all of the dust particles on the door. The door is now ready to be painted.

Painting Doors & Trim

When painting the door, start by using the ultra-trim paint. Start by painting the thin edges of the door. Paint the top and the two sides . Don’t over soak the paint brush with paint as it will cause drips and a bigger mess. Next, with the paint brush, paint the recessed panels if any are present. Next, use the paint roller to paint over the flat surfaces of the door. Once the door has been painted, now begin painting the door frame and the trim, again use the paint brush. When painting trim make sure to do a layoff. A layoff is when you take the paintbrush with no extra paint and simply run a single stroke down the trim to create a single smooth look.

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Painting the doors and trim can be time consuming work but the results are worth it. For quality interior and exterior painting services, contact Jeff the Painter.

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