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Is there a Trick to Painting Kitchen Cabinets in Fallbrook, CA? Oil or Latex Paint, Best Finish & More

When it is time to renew your kitchen, the cabinets are a major focus. One of the most popular trends is to paint the kitchen cabinets. When painting kitchen cabinets a number of mistakes can occur that can ruin the cabinet’s paint job. For those who plan to refinish their home’s kitchen cabinets, Jeff the Painter will share a few tips to help you get the results you want from your kitchen painting project.

Inspect Condition of Kitchen Cabinets

Before you decide on painting the kitchen cabinets first evaluate them to see if they are in good enough condition. Sometimes the cabinets may be too badly damaged to be repaired. Inspect the cabinets structure to see if they are still sturdy. Cabinets often hold dishes which together can become very heavy. However, do not give up on the cabinet if there are a few dents, holes, and missing hardware. Dents and holes can be filled in and painted over and the hardware replaced. When painting cabinets, it is important to know your limits and what you can repair, if the cabinet repair needed is beyond help or your knowledge, consider replacing them or seek out professional assistance.

Never Skip Paint Primer

When painting kitchen cabinets never skip the primer. Many people won’t use a paint primer which is okay and the cabinets will still look good in the end. But the primer helps the paint adhere to the cabinet surface better and the paint will look smoother. When the cabinets are primed first, you will find the paint will spread more evenly and look much smoother, which is why you should prime the cabinets separately.

Oil or Latex Paint & Semi-Gloss or Gloss Finish

There are two major types of paint and many painting finishes to choose from. The two major types of paint are oil or latex paints and both types of paint can be used for cabinets. However, both types of paint have their own pros and cons. Latex paint tends to dry much faster than oil based paints. However, oil paint tends to look better and has a smoother surface than latex paints. If you have the time, oil based paint will look slightly better. If you need to paint in a hurry, then use latex. Another major consideration is the type of finish to use. As the kitchen cabinets will be open and closed multiples time a day, you will want a durable finish that is easy to clean. The best finish to use for kitchen cabinets is either a semi-gloss or gloss finish. Avoid finishes such as eggshell or matte as they tend to wear down and even rub off when cleaned.

Brush, Roller or Spray Paint?

When painting cabinets, a number of tools can be used to apply the paint. You will have the option of using a roller, paint brush or spray gun. For those who have a paint spray gun and have experience painting with them, this is definitely the way to go. You can apply an even coat of paint and easily paint in tight groves. However, if you don’t have a paint spray gun, use a roller and paint the majority of the cabinets. Afterward, use a brush to paint the tighter areas. Avoid using a paint brush for the entire cabinet as they tend to leave behind brushstrokes.

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For quality painted kitchen cabinets, you can always seek out professional painting services. Contact Jeff the Painter for great painting services.

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