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How Much Does Hiring a Professional Painter for an Exterior Paint Job Increase Home Value in Carlsbad, CA?

If you are looking to sell your home there are things you can do to increase its value. The steps you take allow you to be competitive with other homes in your area to get the highest price possible. Painting the exterior of your home might be the way to get it. Exterior paint that is peeling or faded doesn’t look good and colors that are outdated don’t either. It might be the one thing that turns a potential buyer off. Jeff the Painter outlines why hiring a professional painter for your exterior paint job is the best choice.

Why Painting Your House is Important

It’s an affordable way to increase the value of your home, and by a lot. The value of your home can be increased anywhere from 2-5%, according to Consumer Reports. It’s less expensive to paint the exterior of your home instead of installing new vinyl. When people are looking to purchase a home, they put a lot of value on the way the exterior paint looks and chances are they will ask when it was painted last and the quality of paint that was used. New buyers don’t want to think of extras they need to do after they move in and can take it off their to do list.

Exterior Painting Tips

If you choose the right paint for the exterior of your home you will have a clean looking home, lots of potential buyers and increase its value. The negative is that it comes with some challenges to be successful.
1. Use striking colors for window frames, trim and other accents to freshen it up.
2. Choose neutral whites or creams to attract the largest number of buyers.
3. If your painting vinyl, use the same color or a shade or two lighter to prevent the material from warping from the heat.
4. Colors can make your home look bigger with lighter shades and smaller with darker shades.
5. If you choose not to paint the entire exterior, consider painting the front door with a color that’s eye-catching to make a great first impression.

Is it Worth it to Hire a Professional Painter?

Painting the exterior of your home can be dangerous and it’s harder than it looks, so it’s best to hire professionals. Professionals invest heavily in the right tools and training along with the best safety equipment. The procedures they use will get you superior results and all the surfaces will be prepared. A big part of a successful paint job is the prep work. They can get it done much faster than you will. Chances are it will take longer than you think, leaving you tied up for a lot longer than you anticipated and hiring professionals leaves you without having to cleanup.

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Your home is your biggest investment and a fresh coat of paint will improve its curb appeal. If you aren’t planning on selling your home it will make you feel good every time you pull up. You will reap the most benefits from hiring professionals to paint the exterior of your home. If you are selling your home, and especially if you need a quick sale; it is definitely worth it to have your home painted! Contact Jeff the Painter today!

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