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How Can You Tell if the Inside of Your House Needs to Be Painted in Fallbrook, CA?

Is it time to repaint the inside of your home? A painting project is not an easy decision for anyone to make. When painting the inside of your home, you must take down your curtains, all wall decorations and move furniture to paint the walls and ceiling. Painting the walls and ceiling also involves a lot of work. However, those who tend to put off a painting project, you know that there will come a time that your home will tell you it is time to repaint the inside of your home. Jeff the Painter would like to share some of the signs that it is time to repaint the inside of your home.

Bubbling & Cracking Paint

Paint will age and when it does, it begins to degrade. Quite often cracks will occur and the paint may bubble. Eventually, the paint will peel off the wall and begin to break apart into small chips. Hopefully you will repaint your home before the paint peels and falls off the walls. When the paint begins to bubble and crack, it is definitely time to give your walls a fresh layer of paint. Paint doesn’t just add color to the inside of the home. Paint helps to protect the walls from moisture and other elements that can cause major problems. It is important to maintain a healthy layer of paint to ensure that you protect the drywall. When you notice stress marks such as bubbling or cracks, it is time to prepare for an interior painting.

Wall Paint Color Fades

Good quality paint may not crack or peel for a very long time, so it may be difficult to determine the age of the paint. One sign that your paint is old and is due for a new coat of paint, is color fading. When the color of the walls begin to fade, know that the fading occurs with time. If you have whites wall, they tend to develop a yellowish pigment. The color of paint can be affected over time and sometimes is due to exposure to sunlight. This effects the integrity of the paint. When the paint’s color changes that is a sign that you should have your home repainted.

Water Stains on Drywall

When it is exposed to the drywall, water will penetrate all the way through and leave a stain on the wall. If the drywall has been overly saturated, often the drywall will warp and crumble. If this has happened, the drywall will need to be repaired and the wall repainted. A quick test is that if you can poke the drywall with a screwdriver or knife with just a little bit of pressure, you will need to replace the drywall. As long as the drywall is still intact, you can repaint over the water stain. Do not ignore water stains as they are the first sign of weakness. When you discover water stains, it is time to repaint the walls.

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