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House Painting Ideas; How Do I Choose a Timeless & Inviting Front Door Paint Color in Oceanside, CA?

Most people don’t ever consider how the look or color of your front door can and often speaks for the rest of your home, both on the outside as well as the inside. However you may be surprised to learn the many different ways you can paint and design your front door to give the rest of your home its own character and personality, and what it can say about you. If you haven’t given your front door much thought, Jeff the Painter would like to take a moment and share few style and color designs you may want to consider for your front door.

What is the Most Timeless Front Door Color?

Most people think a traditional door sounds boring and is not very interesting. A white neutral door color is often a safe bet when it comes to a door color especially the front entry door. Even so, it doesn’t have to mean boring either. A white hue such as “Glacial Ice” for example is a great hue next to natural surfaces such as stone or even dark iron railing. Some don’t just focus on the door itself, but what is also around it. A white next to vegetation adds beauty to your front entry as well. Again, don’t fear a white hue for your front door if there are plenty of accents around it. A white front door will be a timeless classic.

Inviting Colorful Contrast Front Door Color

Some like a higher, more colorful contrast when it comes to their entry door. However you may want to consider a few things first. Bright bold colored doors work fantastic next to duel neutral surroundings. If the rest of the exterior color of the home or entry point or the door molding is a light flat color, a bright or a bold color looks great. However, if there are a lot of other bright colors surrounding the house, it will look cluttered and messy. An example where a colored or contrast door looks great is against white or light natural stone molding and door trims. One color that never fails is a reddish hue called “Apple a Day.” This works well with an entry point doesn’t have a lot of accent color from plants or furnishings. Another example of great color contrast for brick homes is a light duel blue color surrounded by white trim. This creates a restful feeling, yet the door and entry points pop out. Bringing an old fashioned look while providing great contrast makes your home and its door pop out more. This also creates a sense of welcome to visitors.

Natural Front Door Color Combinations

More people love the look of a natural wooden door, especially in newer modern homes. The natural grains of the wood with the right color stain next to a neutral colored door trim are just stunning. When homes have iron or natural stones or brick, wood doors with the right color adds a modern yet timely feel to the exterior of your home. Having the wood of the door stained with a color that pops out compared to the rest of the home, creates an elegant welcoming look.

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Jeff the Painter hopes you have given your front door entryway a second look. You might find that maybe it’s time to bring life to your front door entry point. If you are deciding it’s time for a change when it comes to the interior or exterior of your home, contact Jeff The Painter today and we will help make that dream a reality.

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