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Exterior House Painting Preparation Tips in Vista, CA; Pressure Washing, Repairs & More

The house that you live in is something you have to take care of and upgrade when necessary. The exterior of the house adds to the visual curb appeal and home value as well as protects your investment. The value of the house can be impacted negatively if it is not kept up on the outside. If you want to make an impact on the look of the house you need to have it painted. The exterior paint has to stand up against all the elements and that is why it can start to look cracked, chipped and dingy. When you are ready to paint the house it is a good idea to know what goes into the preparation and work. It is not something that you can go out grab some paint and just get started. You will not end up with an outcome that increases the value or that you will be proud of. Ciarlanti Painting outlines what is involved with painting the exterior of a home.

Prep a House for Exterior Painting

The first thing that need to do is to create the space that is needed to do the work. The area that is close the house should not have any debris or personal belongings. The work that has to be done will need to have some space meaning there needs to be a clear path around the structure. You may need to walk the perimeter of the house and start to pull things such as toys, shelves, and equipment away from the house. This will be something that is temporary so using a staging area is a good idea. Be sure that you move everything and that also includes cars that might be in the driveway when the painting is going to start.

Pressure Wash House Before Painting Outside

Now that there is not anything that is up against the house you want to make sure that all the dirt and debris is washed away from the house. Your house can be made from siding, stucco and more as a finishing material. The problem is that the material is outdoors and the elements can cause dirt and debris to stick to the house. You want to make sure this is all washed away from the house. The best way to do that is to have the house pressure washed. They are able to go around the house and use water that has been pressurized to knock down the mess.

Important Repairs to Make Before Exterior Paint is Applied

Once the house has been cleaned you can see if there are any areas that have been damaged. The damaged can be to the siding, stucco, framing or anything else. If you leave any of these areas of damage unrepaired it can lead to a finish that you are not happy with. You want to make sure that you make a list of repairs and get them done before the painting starts.

Paint Prep, Painting Services & More in San Marcos, Vista, Oceanside, Encinitas, Carlsbad & Escondido, California

If you want to have your house painted and a finish that you love it is best to use a professional painting company. Professionals will be able to come to the house and paint with the right materials and finish. We can also walk you through the color combinations that would be best for your home and neighborhood. Ciarlanti Painting can come out and expertly paint the exterior of your house. Call us today!

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