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Do You Have to Pressure Wash a House Before Painting in Valley Center, CA? Clean Chalking & More

Exterior surfaces of your home need to be prepared properly before you paint them. The exterior of your home may not appear to be very dirty, but it is, and paint will not adhere to a surface that isn’t clean. Professional pressure washing will remove dirt, mildew, old paint and chalking that you may not be able to see. If you notice gray spores or green growth, it means you have a mildew or mold problem. The chemicals used in a professional pressure cleaning will completely remove any organic growth so your new paint will adhere to the surface. If you paint over it, the growth will eat through your new paint job quickly.

What is Paint Chalking?

The old paint on your home will start to break down after years of sun exposure. You will know if you have chalking if you lick your finger and then run it along the paint. A chalky residue on your finger means you need to have it all removed before you start to paint. Painting over this will leave you with paint that doesn’t stick very well and it won’t look good either.

Benefits of Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is a job that should be left to the pros. House painters have the expertise to properly prepare your home for a great looking paint job.
Professionals provide a more powerful exterior clean. Using your garden hose to clean the exterior of your home isn’t very effective. Your garden hose just isn’t powerful enough. Professionals use high-pressure systems that provide up to 50 times more power than a garden hose to ensure a smooth paint job.
Professionals provide a proper pressure wash. When you hire the pros, you can be sure they have cleaned all types pf surfaces. They know the right pressure to use as well as the right solutions for every part of your home. They will also ensure you won’t be dealing any damage.
Professionals will remove less paint during pressure washing prep. One of the reasons you’re painting the exterior of your home is because you’ve noticed blistering, flaking, or peeling. The pros will remove all the loose chips of paint off and get the surface prepped for new paint. They will also scrape and prime any surfaces that need to be.
Professionals will allow for proper drying time before painting. Another reason that professionals are the way to go is to ensure that the surface has been completely dried before a fresh coat of paint is applied. Many paint jobs can fail when the surface isn’t completely dry before starting. The type of exterior you have will determine the drying time so trust the pros to know when the time is right for new paint.

Pressure Washing Services & More in San Marcos, Vista, Oceanside, Encinitas, Carlsbad & Escondido, California

Are you thinking about painting the exterior of you home? If you want it to look great and last a long time, make pressure cleaning part of the process. Ciarlanti Painting has all the training and experience needed to prep and paint your home. Give us a call today!

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