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Components of Paint & Their Functions in Poway, CA; Pigment, Solvent, Resin, Additives & More

With the elements surrounding them, many homeowners, and for good reason, are concerned. There are a number of people that want to know where products come from, ranging from the sheets, food, and other household items. Though the time is long, long gone, lead paint is something people recall and want to avoid other dangers. Understanding the paint can help people better pick a paint more suited for their home. Today, we at Jeff the Painter would like to elaborate on the basics of paint.

Beginner Paint Basics

When it comes to using high quality paint, most painting experts have their sources since their products will reflect their reputation. For home use, licensed professionals want an affordable and durable brand of paint that excels for long-term needs. Listed below are the primary characteristics of paints.

Paint Pigment

Impacting the sheen and effects of the appearance of the paint once it dries, the pigment provides the color for the paint. It is critical to make sure that it meets your exact specifications, in both terms of color and sheen for a flawless finish when you select the color of your paint.

Paint Solvent

As it will easily attach to a surface as a liquid, the solvent is the material that gives the pigment and the resin. Professionals recommend using water-based solvent as this indicates that these paints are easy to use and quick to dry in most situations. This product safer for your home that are the paints manufactured, the solvent is with water.

Paint Resin

The paint binds to the surface as resin is the material that holds the paint molecules together. Following the application to the wall, the water evaporates with water-based paints, as it will then bring the resin and pigment particles closer and closer until they stick together and form a tough elastic solid.

Paint Additives

There are extra chemical additions in paint that are design to provide desirable qualities in paints. As it simplifies the painting process, the scuff resistance, easy application, mold resistance, and other similar traits all ensure that the results last for years to come.

How to Choose Paint for Your Home

The decision can feel overwhelming to say the least when homeowners see the aisles and aisles of paint options. With the assistance of a licensed expert, you can have the confidence that they will use high-quality paints. No matter if you would need advice about sheen, consulting the latest design trends, or like a complimentary color consultation, the licensed specialists can help throughout the process. In the event you have to use the industry’s best materials and expertise, you can have the confidence that when you choose a professional. Your home will look gorgeous and you will have the comfort of the colors you enjoy for your family.

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