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How Long Does Exterior Paint Last & How Often is Painting House Trim & Siding Needed in Hidden Meadows, CA?

When it comes to repainting your home exterior it’s not just for aesthetic purposes, but it also helps to protect your home from weathering. When it comes to repainting your home often the question is asked as to when. Knowing when to repaint your home to ensure its longevity is important. It does matter as to when you repaint. For those who wait too long between a fresh coat of paint they can risk their home’s health. Depending on the material used on the outside of the home also determines when a fresh coat of paint is needed. Ciarlanti Painting will help answer when to repaint your home’s exterior.

How Long Should Exterior Paint Job Last?

When determining how often to repaint your home, it will of be based on the exterior surface of your home. Most homes use wood siding, aluminum, cement fiberboard siding, stucco or brick. Another major consideration is the climate. Our summer season can reach up into the low 90’s which is good news for exterior paint. However, our higher humidity also has an effect on exterior paint.
Wood Siding – On average, wood siding paint will last between three to seven years, depending on the quality of paint.
Aluminum Siding – Aluminum siding can last on average, five years.
Cement Fiberboard Siding – Painted cement fiberboard siding can last much longer and go as long as ten to fifteen years.
Stucco Exterior – Stucco is a common material used on the outside of homes and should be repainted every five to six years.
Brick – Most brick on the outside of homes are left unpainted but should be kept cleaned. However for those painted brick homes, brick should be repainted every fifteen to twenty years or when needed for aesthetic reasons.

Why the Application of Exterior Paint is Important

Some people will forget and completely neglect repainting the home’s exterior. Some may put off painting the home to help save money. The longer the exterior goes between paint, the more work will go into prep work. Preparing home for new paint is easy when the paint isn’t bubbling or peeling, which occurs as paint ages. When the paint bubbles or begins to peel the old layer of paint will need to be removed first. More work goes into removing the old paint and preparing the home for new paint when neglected. This costs you in time and labor. It helps to save money by repainting the home before the paint reaches a poor state.

How Long Does Exterior Paint Last?

There are a number of factors that can cause paint to last longer or degrade faster. One is quality of the paint. The paint for the exterior of the home should be of reasonable quality. You should never settle for the cheapest paint or you will need to repaint your home even sooner. You will also want a thorough painting service that guarantees quality. Another major element that plays a role in the longevity of paint is the climate. Constant sunlight, humidity, and heat plays a major role. Paint will break down faster under these conditions. To help extend the life of your home’s exterior paint, make sure to maintain your home. Broken gutters, leaks and other damages to the home can affect the paint.

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