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Why Exterior Painting is Important in Carlsbad, CA; Protects House, Adds Home Value & More

As with nearly everything else in our lives, our home or business building requires maintenance. That includes the exterior paint. The paint covering the exterior of your home or commercial space is taking a lot of daily abuse. Intense sun rays, extreme weather conditions, ranging temperatures, environmental pollutants, dirt, debris, insect or wildlife inflictions, and…

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What Color Should I Paint the Ceiling in Escondido, CA? Same as, Lighter or Darker than the Walls?

Trying something new and getting creative with paint colors is a great way to give your home a facelift. But what about painting the ceiling? Professional interior designers often refer to the ceiling as the fifth wall. Much too often little or no thought is given to how the celling contributes to the overall room…

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Metamerism; How Does Sunlight & Artificial Light Affect Paint Color in Your Vista, CA Home?

An extremely common problem for many homeowners as they go to tackle a painting project only to find that the color they had chosen at the store looks completely different once it’s on the walls. This phenomenon is known as illuminant metamerism. To put it simply, colors take on different hues depending on the type…

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What Order to Paint Rooms in Solana Beach, CA? Interior Painting for Home Staging & Sell House & More

It is a big undertaking to paint your house. Furniture will need to be moved and covered, floor protected, and the walls prepped among other preparations. Your productivity can be maximized by strategically planning the order to work when you are painting the whole house. You will need to be prepared for the paint fumes…

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