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How to Tell when Your House in Solana Beach, CA Needs Painting; Cracking Paint, Mold on Outside of Home & More

Do you remember the last time the outside of your home was painted? Painting is essential in keeping the exterior of the home protected from the elements. As paint ages it can become weaker and allow the exterior materials of your home to become damaged. To ensure the home remains protected, Ciarlanti Painting will share…

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Exterior House Painting Success in San Marcos, CA; Preparing Wood Trim for Paint, Spread Rate, Best Temperature & More

There are few things that can completely transform the outside of your home quite like a fresh, new coat of paint. This single improvement can increase the curb appeal and overall value of your home. If you are thinking about selling your home, it can attract potential buyers more than if you were to leave…

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How to Give Your House a Facelift in Rancho Santa Fe, CA; Light or Dark Painted Hallway, Painting Doors & More

Homeowners often get used to the environment of their home pretty quick, particularly once they lived in the home long enough. After some time, it is also to simple to let the blemishes fade into the background. Among the most forgotten are the worn floors, outdated appliances and fixtures and only when you know there…

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Exterior Painting FAQ in Rainbow, CA; Do You Have to Wash a House First? How Many Coats of Paint & More

There are many elements to a home’s maintenance needs where homeowners have questions, especially when hiring a professional is involved. Since homes are a long-term investment, most homeowners want to ensure maintenance needs are not only met but are done well. We know there are many questions consumers have when it comes to major projects,…

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